[Sample]CANON EF50mm F2.5 compact macro Review

EF50mm F2.5 コンパクトマクロの作例4

CANON’s 50mm macro lens “EF50mm F2.5 Compact Macro” was born in Showa, when production ended around 2015.
The shooting magnification is up to 0.5 times, but it is a standard lens that can be used even if it approaches. And this EF50mm F2.5 “Life Size Converter EF” dedicated to compact macros can be extended to 1.0 times the shooting magnification. Introduced together with 10 examples of lenses.


How to grow Agave (Agave care)


About how to grow agave of succulent plants where you can enjoy sharp thorns, various types of spots, and individual differences. It explains the growth rate of Agave, watering and summer management, winter management, replanting, and more. Also known as RYUZETSURAN (japan).